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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

SLH's donation drive

I am sitting in front of the reception counter and it is very funny. Don't noe why people keep asking me for directions when I am not even employed. Hecks, just give la. But to them, I seem to be a receptionist.
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Then they also asked me for a donation for their donation drive. I saw one senior nurse whose son(I think) drives the VK. He was driving her home. I realise something, most of those who drive the ambulance are doing the ambulance business and have more then 1 ambulance.

One more thing, when the nurse asked me for donations, they were not motivated. Only one nurse asked me for donation. I donated 20 Cents out of goodwill. If the nurse was prettier, I might donate more. (Kidding I would still donate the same amount) Most of the nurse are from Nanyang Poly.

I learned quite a bit of things on this visit here. For people like Noel, the best place to go to watch girls is Bukit Batok MRT. Kidding. Better don't say more, cos my uncle is reading my blog also.

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