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Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Some problems with SP and PPP

There are just some real serious problem this days with SP and PPP. Well, I am having it so do other users.
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For PPP, there is a sudden drop in the number of advertisers and people's earnings are dropping. And thanks to them, some people had lost their PR.


As for SR, they just refuses to detect the links in the blog posts that are done. Stubborn links checking software.

Do you face the same problem also? Then, leave a comment here and we can complain to SP and PPP together

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1 comment:

Lee Calvyn said...

my PR at www.iCalvyn.com still 3, but the redirect to blog.icalvyn.com previously is 3, now is 0,so my ranking at PPP drop ,and less opportunity...

I still enjoy SR, since I have 4STAR there

by the way, who is that cute gal you post? related to SR or PPP? haha ;Þ