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Friday, 25 January 2008

Markets in techinal rebound?

The STI had risen for the forth day in the roll. That is after it has plunged to the 3,000 mark which was marked as impossible by lots of people. But the STI had risen this few days to past the 3,000 mark and landing it on 3,159.48 +109.39. But this is mainly due to the U.S Fed cut.
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However, I feel that they think that the stocks are cheap now and then they buys it now. Correct me if I am wrong. It is not the best time to buy now but if you brought when the market was down, look out for the best day to sell, in fact, you should had sold today. Because on monday, it would dive a bit and the market might not pick up after that.

After this rebound and people would realize that the tax rebates and the fed cuts would not really jump start the U.S economy, then they start to sell. Emotion takes a better of them. Then people whom are not influenced by emotions would buy into the market and do the reverse tread thus making the Big$$$. Just see if I am right or not. The market would go on the uptread and followed by an nosedive and soon the recession would come. If you had missed this cycle, you might want to save lots of money and amylase how the market works. I think it is not too late to jump in the market now.

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