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Friday, 11 January 2008

Mr Boo has an short term memory loss

Today, I just realised that Mr Boo has short term memory loss. I saw him at before the entrance of the front gate. I was kind enough to greet him, then he replied la. But when we entered the school and he overtook me and greeted me again and of course I replied, but I think too soft. Then he did not hear and he say that he greeted me while I did not. Then I said I greeted him both at the entrance and the later on. Then he said oh, sorry. He said it like he forgot. LOL. So fast. Less then 2 mins.
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Lol, hecks. Tmr still have to go to school. Miss my sat long sleep. Thanks Sec 1 men. Destroy my sat morning. When I need the weekend so badly.

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