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Friday, 4 January 2008

Sec 1 camp

I just came back from the Sec 1 camp organized by people like me, the PSLs and the PSL Com and some teachers. Well, well well, it was a tough job for me. It took my entire throat away to get them in order.
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This thing first, I was taking 1T2. It was an horrible class. I am not talking about their results, but their behaviour and how slow they can be when it comes to doing things. They had to force me to do it the UG way. I give you ten seconds to get out of this room, if not you would get punish. Once I started counting down, they did things fast. If not, they would take their own sweet time.

The first day was quite tough for me. When they were moving from one station to another, I had to get them into two straight rows. Out of the 4 girls 3 boys, only my shouting did the best. Partially, I was in UG and my shouting was loud. After talking to them nicely, they still took advantage, so the last resort was, YOU BETTER QUEUE UP NOW, IF NOT, NO MEALS FOR YOU. They did the required task quickly. Oh gosh, not very easy. Then I went home at 9.30pm

The second day was much easier, but I had to threaten them with punishment as I could no longer shout. I told them that if they do not get out of the room by 5 mins, they would all get pushups and situps. Not bad, they did it very quickly again. As for the CIP, it was just usual stuff.

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