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Sunday, 20 January 2008

SHIT, really big time shit

Oh man, why is this happening to this family. I mean seriously. I was doing my usual stuff and then daddy came down and told me that my grandfather had a stroke. Wa Man, I was like stunned for a second. Then I asked what happen, he said he had a stroke this morning. Oh man what is this. SHARKS.
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Least to expect was to go back to the routine of visiting my grandfather just after I got s short rest. Last time, I mentioned that if he did not stay active, he might get a stroke. Why is my damn mouth so bad? Why always can predict the bad things but not the good? Anyway, I would confirm me hell of a busy in sec 3. PSL, Sec 3, Visiting my grandfather, Taking over NCC Land, my own business (Video Reviews), and many more. WOW, I hope I do not collapse. If I do, I would really DIE. Maths confirm cannot miss lesson one, one lesson missed already means a lot of things to catch up.

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