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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Some financial Updates

Well, there are some updates. First about the rogue trader and then the U.S president.
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First the rogue trader.

I saw on CNA this recess that he had been on bail and was freed from all his corruption charges.

Next is the congress talk by bush.

What he talked in the 50 mins.

He talked about Tax reliefs forever. While, it is impossible. Barack Obama and John Kerry was there.

He also talked about asking americans to be more competitive and work overseas. Breaking down tax barriers by FTA and opening the 100 million customers worldwide with the name Made In USA.

He also talked about green energy. He talked about reducing oil consumption and emission levels. Well, I have nothing to say about that, China was already doing so so much earlier. He also talked about investing in green energy. However, the Japs are already ahead of them.

Here is the video of the talk.

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