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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Something unusual

All right, there is 2 unusual things today, one good and one bad. The bad one first. All right, my father is damn irritating, while, he took one day off today for no damn reason, my uncle can go and bring my grandfather to check up, but this stubborn man still insist on bringing them. How I wish that he does not take leave. It is just so irritating to have him with me at unusual timing. Like in the afternoon. When he takes leave, I cannot do my review. When he takes leave, I CANNOT use the computer. How irritating. He just wants me to study study and study. But what he does not understand is that school does not allow you to play the world game. He is still at the school age. If everyone is studying, you are also doing the same thing, what is so speical about you? How do you stand out? You must do something to stand out. He just loves to be in the crowd where 99% of the people are struggling to grab hold of the 1% of the money in the world while 1% of the people whom stand out grab 99% of the money in the world. I should had stayed behind longer, so do not have to see his damn face, but have no choice, need the computer. Now I know how my sister feels.
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Here comes the good part. All right, this might not be so good, but at least something interesting. I was walking to the MRT with Kelvin when two New Paper reporters came and approached us on our views on the rising food prices in Singapore. Asking questions like Where do you eat? Do you think that the servings had decreased while the price remains the same or had they increased the price? Asking me and Kelvin's telephone, name, school and age after the short conversation. Nice, might appear on newspaper with school name somemore. LOL.

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