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Thursday, 6 March 2008

Some disturbing scene

I saw some disturbing scene today when I came back to the MRT in Toa Payoh
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I saw someone jump down the building. Sad man, what is wrong with the guy, don't he know that life is precious? Crazy.

Today's sports day was hell of a boring. Brought my homework to do. Then being scolded by Dinesh. Left with no choice so go to Sturdee area and joined Noel and did some work. Noel and I played PSP. One thing is for sure is that my driving skills is not so good. Wanted to drift the racing car by always out of control.

Just as I came back, I saw one funeral at the void deck. It was an taoist one. It just reminds me of my grandfather. Anyway, the vehicle that was used to transport the person was in a van. How bad man. Use a van and just put the guy on the stretcher and then place the guy in the coffin. How unluckily was I to witness the entire thing when I was walking to the void deck. But not so scared of these things already. I nearly went in as it was like a habit already when I see a funeral.

Then the NCC camp need to pay the freaking $10. Poor man. Why do I have to pay so many things? I wish not to have so many activities when I am in Sec 3. It is really affecting my results.

One more thing, I realized that the Milo van was sponsored my Nestle. All you have to do is to apply for a sponsorship.

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