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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Finally finished work

Finally finished my work at Science center.
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The first day was at first at a booth to make mini helicopters. There were a lot of students coming to our booth. Then a bunch of JJC people came to brighten up our day.LAME sia, the JJC girl come and ask if she can make the mini helicopter. She also say the Zoo CIP better. The children were asked to decorate the thing first before we stapled the thing on the straw for them.

I ate Mcspicy for the first day. $6.25. I wonder how people can eat mcs everyday. Must be damn rich la.

After lunch we worked at the lab. We shifted boxes and boxes of things. We even moved the cupboards from one place to another. I also did some typing. What the, their computer is a core 2 with 2 GB RAM. Wasted sia, run XP. Give me the com la, they only use the com to type or just surf only.

Second Day

Second Day was much easier. I and MZ just did ushering. Chomping on the people's hand and then tear tickets. Shiok. But had to stand for long time. I received my first crowd just before 12.20. WOW, just so many people coming in.

Then I ate student's meal for this lunch. McChicken with small fries and med coke. The coke sucks and the fries sucks as usual. But it was only $4.50. Cheap. Then all follow me buy the same type of things.

Then after lunch, we wondered around for a while. and reported at 2.30PM for work instead at 2.00PM. Then MZ can walk around liao la. not fair. But my side more interesting and cooler. Cos my totally in Aircon, then still got pretty girls entering every now and then. Final count at 5.00PM is 1300? WOW, in a day. The most was 2343 and the least was 173. Anyway, work experience at Science center was quite enjoyable. Not bad conditions. Free food, water and even in aircon. quite ok la. No complains only the mcs was too busy and the fries sucks!

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