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Monday, 3 November 2008

Start of Hoildays

Whooo, it is the start of the hoildays. Free from all the stuff that teacher might teach. But I shall me missing the following teachers whom are not following up next year. Ms Tan, Miss Leow (Her Catered food was nice) and the rest of the teachers (whom I cannot remember) The usual routine again. Wake up, play some games watch news and then play more games and sleep.
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Went to the library yesterday and realised how much I had to catch up in the finanical world when I was mugging for exams. Read 2 copies of mag and then wrote down my research. Oh ya, also got a line. But the line is the prepaid card which only has 10 value and now left 9.68. those whom want to sms me can ask me for the number of Facebook.

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