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Sunday, 4 December 2011

The insides of the Standard Charted Marathon (Timing System)

I went to work in the timing section for the Standard Charted Marathon 2011. It was under iSports Pte Ltd. The experience was cool and something that one would never realise the hardwork that it takes to run the event unless one becomes the backstage crew and support such events. U arrived at their office as early as 4.30PM on Saturday to get the timing mats loaded on the truck. After loading up the mats, we were briefed on the roues that we had to go before getting our dinner and setting off at 8PM to deliver the mats to it's various locations During the delivery process, there were little hiccups as there was a slight drizzle which helped to reduce the traffic along East Coast Park Expressway. The little hiccups that happened along the way was the repaving of the road that we require to pass in order to deliver the mats at Gardens by the Bay and the closing of the gate at the other alternative routes. The other hiccup was that there was a mat that was odd-shaped, hence we had to get it replaced. We ended our work at 1.30AM, which was considered quite early. Afterwhich, we retreated in our car and parked in an open-air carpark and slept until the next morning at about 4.40AM at which we had to prepare to collect the mats from those that have started the full marathon. We started collecting the maps at 5.50AM, whereby the last runner was being declared. We proceeded with breakfast afterwhich, it was kindly sponsored my our team leader Jason (Muffin) from iSports. Afterwhich, we proceeded to East Coast park to collect one of the first few mats. We were all very tired and slept during the car ride. The wait at East Coast park was long as the diversion was delayed by an hour. We ended 2 hours before planned and went home from iSport's office afterwhich. Kudos to the backstage crews working quietly to make this event a success. I did not know the amount of backscene work when I ran for my 10KM run 2 years ago!

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