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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Taiwan trip (Taroko Natural Reserve) Day 2 & 3

 Translation wasn't perfect but while at least you understand!!!!


Rice fields 

Ultimate polluting power plant

Nice Sea!!!

Cement plant

Mini Soursop (Custard Apple)

Auto butt spray toilet 

This steamboat meal was not very interesting

We went on a cycling trail after meal time, Bicycle was provided by the Hostel (Wonstar Hostel)

 Their departmental store


Night falls at 5PM and morning is as early as 5AM

Some Night Market in Hualien

Hostel breakfast

Taxi to Taroko Nat Reserve

Rocks being deformed

Clear blue waters

Road was closed for 2 hours for repair due to falling rocks ytd

How the dog picture came about

I walked across this bridge and it started to sway!!! 

There used to be swallows in the caves but now........

It is apparently a picture of a face, see the nose and the mouth??

This bridge was named after the story whereby the president of Taiwan dream of his mother when he slept there

The taxi driver (Tour guide) told us that the natives had deeper facial features which makes them prettier. Okay la, I agree to that, she looks not bad??? 

Mexico Chicken

Mexico Beef

Phew, if we were a little earlier, I think I would have died!

Went to pray

A little of an engineering feet???

200 men died while trying to build the trail. They had to climb the mountains and drop down from ropes. 

This shrine is built in memorial of them. It was rebuild twice as it was crushed by falling rocks

I have got the Taxi driver's contact, he is charging like NT3,000 for the whole day. Quite worth it, given that he explained all the history behind the names and was very helpful!!!

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